Jay's Favorite Travel
Costa Rica-
Costa Rica is a great destination for the person/couple or family who is looking for  soft
Costa Rica is the only the size of West Virginia but is so dense and lush. The country is
known for it's dry and wet rain forest,unique animals,hot springs,spectacular mountain
ranges,calm beaches  and last but not least savory coffee.  The capital of Costa Rica is San
Jose. In order for you to get to anything from San Jose it will be about a 4 hour drive so be
prepared to spend at least 7 nights in the country to experience the true flavor. Costa
Mica's has two seasons The dry season is December to April and the green season "rainy
season" is May to November.  I recommend if you are going to go try to go during the dry
season to avoid any issues getting round the country. During the rainy season some
bridges have been washed out and people have been delayed to reach destinations.
Adrenal Volcano
Areal Bridge
Monteverdi Cloud Forest
Playa Del Carmen Mexico-
Playa Del Carmen is located 45 minutes south of Cancun Mexico. This is a great
area if you are looking for beach,adventure and shopping. The town of Playa Del
Carmen is a small bustling city where you will see the locals going about the day
conducting business. There is also 5th Avenue which is a cobblestone street with
lots of vendors, restaurants and shopping. Playa Del Carmen is not far from
Mayan ruins, eco parks and great snorkeling. Many of the resorts in this area are
all-inclusive so you only pay one price and all your meals drinks and some
entertainment will be included.  I would suggest spending  4 to 7 nights in this
5th Avenue in Playa Del Carmen
Playa Del Carmen Beach
Another Playa Del Carman Beach
Barbados is both a solace for relaxation and a virtual mecca for active lifestyles and
cultural pursuits. Far beyond stretches of sublime beach, warm hospitality extends to
splendid cultural events, sporting activities and historic attractions. Whether you’re
planning a family holiday or sportsman’s escape, romantic getaway or business trip,
Barbados offers a diverse cross-section of things to do and wonders to enjoy.
Barbados is known for several festivals that happen during the year Gospel fest, Cropover
Festival and the Barbados Jazz Festival that takes place in January.  You can travel to
Barbados anytime of year and get great weather because the island is out of the hurricane
belt. The high season is normally from late December to about April then it drops and picks
back up around some of the major holidays.  I recommend at least 5 nights in Barbados so
that you could experience some of great things the island has to offer.
Boats in Bridgetown Barbados
One of Many Beaches in Barbados
Sunset in Barbados
Jamal in Barbados at the Caribbean